20 Ways Indecisive People Make Their Lives More Difficult Than They Should Be

Thought Catalog

anaissegura anaissegura

1. You can never give definitive advice to anyone. You can provide several different opinions, and an argument from every angle but you can never actually tell a close friend what they should do.

2. You cannot Tinder successfully because you’re too caught up on the implications of a right swipe.

3. You are hesitant to call yourself a “fan” of anything because it seems too committal. Like, you enjoyed a specific movie. Or you think you liked that band. Or that comedian. But, did you? They made that one borderline joke. Maybe you don’t want to identify as one of their fans.

4. There are many skills you are blessed with, but “closing” isn’t one of them. You have a hard time asking for exactly what you want because you’re too busy worrying that you’re bothering them, or that they don’t want the same things as you.


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