Shall start getting my shit together and do well for O levels. I don’t know I have been screwing up really badly for my school exams since term 1 of sec 3 and ever since then I lost hope in doing well. I tried picking myself up and studied hard but nope I fell back. 

I wanna prove people wrong. I wanna prove myself wrong. That I am capable of doing it and that I have the potential in me to excel. I’m sick of people looking down on me. That worthless girl who is not good in studies nor sports and making friends. Completely useless. 

I’m aiming for raffles JC and I know it’s hard. I’m not going to tell anyone that because I am afraid I will fall back. But I want to try. My siblings came from great schools and everytime I hear relatives talking about them; how intelligent they are. “How about your other daughter?” “Oh she’s doing fine”. Bloody fuck. Stop looking down on me you bloody fuckers. I’m going to rjc and show you all what I can do. It won’t be easy and I am really far from there now having an l1r5 of 33 for mid years. talk about being stressed, frustrated, unmotivated, depressed. I’m gonna aim for a 6 point for Os!! Just gotta get A1 for everything no biggie HAHAHA. LEGGGGOOOO


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