what’s the point of having friends? Have you ever get so sick of socializing and thinking of what to say when you’re with somebody that you kind of gave up trying. Why must act that way if i don’t want? Pleasing people and making people like me is not the ultimate goal in life? Sometimes I really get so tired and frustrated. I want my own space, my own bubble so just fucking leave me alone and stop judging alright? To people who think you’re funny by making someone feel worse when they’re lonely should ought to kindly leave this planet. 

What’s the point of having friends sometimes. You feel sad, there’s always WordPress here for you to rant. You feel happy, there’re countless videos and movies to let you rot around. You feel like having a good laugh, watch comedy. Who needs a friend? You can face a problem and need someone to talk about to, but what if you don’t have anyone you can truly confide in? Talking to them will only fucking make you feel even worse because no.1 they are gonna judge you. No matter how close yall are, they still will. 2. 2/3 times you tell someone, the next thing you know the entire world has known. /gossipers/ 

So if you’re ever feeling shitty just tell yourself that not having friends might not be a bad thing you just have to find substitues!


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