It’s time 

( Inspired by Time Keeper- Mitch Albom) 

What is time? Time is what we are always chasing for, complaining about whether we want it to go faster or slower. Too much. Too little. We are unhappy.

The world started without knowing the true meaning behind time. All we could referenced it to was the positions of the Sun and the Moon. Who knew what was day, hours, minutes and seconds at that time. People live in th world of doubts of how far the clock had been ticking. 

Everyday we see the hands of the clock going round and round ticking non stop as if it’s a reminder to us that time is precious. 

However, they nonetheless give no excuses of wasting time. We make full use of it, doing things we rend important. [Time you enjoy wasting is not time wasted] 🙂

Many a times in life, we are behind time. Contracted a terminal illness, wish for more time. Running late for a date with your crush, you wish time could stop. 

Perhaps you are in a boring dreadful Math class (me now), you hope the few hours could pass in a few minutes.

But we all know time does not stop. As the saying goes” Time waits for no man”. It is an asset that everyone possess, no matter how high your job status is or how many figures there is in your bank.

Only time is an equal commodity available to all and what we do with it is our own choice. 

Everyday we hear people moaning. Their souls sick and tired of trying to keep up with time. Deadlines. Races. Death. We all hop on the silver lining which we all know is impossible i.e for time to stop, rewind or fast forward.

According to the Time Keeper, Father Time up there is watching over us. We cannot rely on this fact for him to solve our problems. Productivity, Happiness is in our own hands.

If we choose to doubt ourselves and see your problem as the end, it might really be. When there is no hope, time is punishment. Find hope in your life. 

Do what you have to now buddy. Procrastination is your only enemy of time. Fight against it. Only when we have cross all hurdles before us to conquer the time that we have in our hands and own it to ourself, only then can we say we have made full use of time. 


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