Risking your all

to achieve what you want? Give it your all. Never mind if you think your best is not enough, it definitely will bring you up to a level where you feel contented and proud of yourself.

You may think what is worth me sacrificing my all then? You put in your best and still don’t get what you want so what’s the point.

Thats is literally me 24/7 or maybe even 25/7 study every midnight to get good grades, try hard to be like the top scholar in your class who seem to effortlessly get her As. While there’s you putting in your all but nothing changes. You still suck. You still go back to square 1 of facing the tremendous stress of getting up and falling back down all over again.

Why why. This is unfair. Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

I know giving it your all is not easy especially when you have been in situations that this doesn’t work.

Dont give in to it. Continue your best and don’t fret. You are doing fine trust me all there’s left is to pick yourself up and give it your all

No matter how hard it is remember that if you don’t try it now you’re only going to regret later on! so go with the flow and strive for the best with the right mindset. Whether it’s getting into a relationship or finding a job, go for it.


When you find yourself having the thought of giving up that’s where you remind yourself about the reason you actually started. Right now or later there’s never a suitable time if you let yourself find excuses to not do it so the main message is start now and do it good!

Don’t ever fear that your dreams are too big go for it!!


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