When all seems impossible

Let’s face it. You have found yourself questioning the purpose of life at least once a day. It has became such a common thought that sometimes all we want to do is give up on everything. “Trying again has no point anyway” familiar?
We face all sorts of trials and tribulations in life that either make us stronger or fall even harder. We start to view things in a different angle because we came to the conclusion that positive thinking is rubbish.
As you may know I’m only a student in my sixteens but I have faces countless situations like this. Most often it’s about social interaction or studies. You try to fit into your gang. Yes I might be part of them but I dont feel part of them. It’s normal to feel a sense of frustration and jealousy when they laugh or engage in conversations without you. It has became a whole lot better because I few closer to them and I guess I just have be as cool as them and shine in my own way. I’m abit lazy to continue the story but yes basically exams start tmr and i really hope I will do well!!!! ☺️☺️😊😊😊❤️🙈💖💩🍕😸💕💞👍👍👊💪💪


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