Sharpening Your Skills: Why It’s Important To Work On Yourself

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If you’ve got a few minutes, I’d like to tell you a little story. This story is about two woodcutters who were hired to chop down trees in a forest.

The job required the woodcutters to cut down 100 trees between the both of them. The first woodcutter’s strategy was to begin chopping down the trees immediately. He spent hours and hours each day chopping down the trees. The first day he managed to chop down 15 trees, the next day 10 trees, and the next day 5 trees. He began to grow fatigued, and he wondered why he was chopping down fewer and fewer trees as the days went by. The second woodcutter, instead of setting out immediately to cut down the trees, spent his time sharpening his axe. In the beginning the first woodcutter laughed at him saying, “You do know the job is to actually chop down…

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