I Literally Have Zero Friends Now And I Couldn’t Be Happier

Thought Catalog

via Flickr - Georgie Pauwelsvia Flickr – Georgie Pauwels

I don’t keep very many people close to me anymore. Most people that I’ve lost touch with just sort of faded away without my help. But there were a few I pushed far away from me. I stopped responding to texts. I never answered calls. I never opened the messages on Facebook. And soon enough, they’d stop trying. I feel bad about it sometimes. I get lonely and long for a time when I had tons of people who wanted to see me. But I like it better this way. I had every intention of keeping in touch with multiple groups of people I called friends when we all went away after graduating. That was before the incident. That was before I went from trusting everyone and living to please people to second guessing everyone’s intentions and living for myself. The funny thing is, I’m…

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