The Importance of Showing Up As The Authentic “You”

Thought Catalog

Carlos ZárragaCarlos Zárraga

Do you truly know how very special and unique you are? Have you ever taken the time to really sit with your thoughts and reflect on all the good qualities you possess? Are you willing to discover, honor, and value your worth as an individual? These three basic yet impacting questions create the framework that allows you to become more self-aware and decisive regarding your behavior, reactions, and ways of being comfortable within your own skin. But the deciding factor in really getting to know yourself is having the desire and will to do the internal work. By reflecting on the past in order to resolve areas of discomfort and celebrate moments of happiness, it’s making peace with the fact that it’s brought you this far in the present and formed the person you are today.

Many times one goes throughout life without ever realizing why they have…

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