It’s Almost Too Trite To Write About High School, But Here We Are

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Arthur HiddenArthur Hidden

It is deeply uncool to ever openly admit that you want to be cool. That’s Being Cool 101, lesson 1: never actually admit that you even think about coolness in any regard. Cool is something you are, never something you say you are and the moment you talk about being cool is the moment you, by default, become uncool. It’s a convoluted maze, but somehow it makes sense.

I’m not the first person to have been traumatized by high school. It’s almost too trite and too cliche to talk about. Everyone says high school sucked for them and I believe it. High school combines the worst of all worlds: undeveloped, yet hormonal, teenagers with absolutely no empathy or compassion for each other. This is not a good combination of things. Throw in angst and self-hatred and the mindlessness of the subject matters, you have the worst possible environment…

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