What To Do When A Single Insult Hits You More Intensely Than A Thousand Compliments

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Twenty20 / dylanwhatsonTwenty20 / dylanwhatson

People suck. People are literally the worst. That’s why the human condition is so fascinating. We all have problems and we all have done plenty of shitty things. But there’s also bright spots in each and every one of us.

That’s why being judged is so terrifying. We’re trying so hard to bring out our bright spots, to nurture them and to allow them to grow. But in the back of our minds, we know there are also parts of us that suck. Parts of us that are mortal and weak and unstable. And we’re worried that, the minute someone distracts us from our bright spots and tries to get us to focus on the things that are wrong with us, we’re just going to fall into a dark hole of self-doubt that we’ll never be able to climb out of.

Insults, rejections, name-calling, hateful comments, humiliations…

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