10 Affirmations To Live By That Will Lighten Your Spirit And Make You A Happier Person

Thought Catalog

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1. It’s okay to wake up and feel like shit

Clearly nobody wakes up looking like a Victoria Secret’s Supermodel with that gorgeous hair and bright blue eyes. It IS OKAY to wake up and feel like shit, plenty of other people feel the same, your day will get better along the way.

2. Don’t be pressured by others

“Have you signed up for college yet?” “Have you decided what you want to be?” “Have you planned out your life?” YES I hear you, you’re not alone. Don’t be rushed by others to make an incomplete decision which you know you will regret someday. Just take it as it is, one day at a time.

3 Exude confidence

The world can see it, I can see it, YOU can see it. Hold your head up high and walk as if you are strutting the runway, walk the…

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