5 Common Misconceptions About Running

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1. It is easy

Wow, if you think it is as easy as lacing up and heading out, you got a thing coming! Even after weeks of training, my lungs cry out for help every time I go running. And yes, even if I run a short, usual-for-me run on a favorite route.

2. You will look cool

Actually, you will probably have bright red face, and a weird posture. It may even resemble being dragged behind a carriage. Ugh. Not pretty.

3. You will be fast

All those running bloggers clocking way under 2:00 half marathons and 4:00 marathons, qualifying for Boston left and right? How hard can it be? Well, very. An 8 minute mile doesn’t sound too crazy, but when you check your watch and it is a whole 50 %+ slower than that… Snail wearing sneakers, that’s what you likely are.

4. You will lose…

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