stop blaming yourself

it’s not entirely your fault the water didn’t boil, or your Maths grade weren’t good enough, or simply because you just feel so negative about everything you start to feel useless. All this happened for a reason so stop being so hard on yourself. I totally understand where many of you are coming from. I myself have a mother who doesn’t fail to point out my flaws and make me feel like the fucking worst person ever. Rising from an issue of disorganized table to my character then extremely mean hurtful words.
I get so tired and sick of hearing these sometimes I imagine myself drowning in all these insults while bottling up all my anger but Here is the question: Why believe what they say? Why are you getting so affected by their words?
It is not easy to shun them off, but we have to come to a realization that we are not perfect. It’s not totally your fault that things went wrong. Sometimes we don’t understand why things happen that way and we never will, but we learnt to get over it. Screw the people that told you you are not good enough or that you are the cause of this whole shit. You are more than what they say so don’t put yourself into a corner and throw harsh thoughts on yourself. It could be somebody else who didn’t complete their job and that they themselves are not in the best character. Screw their narrow mindset their annoying words or their presence who is bothering your life so much. Focus on being yourself and believe in yourself, YOU will be fine


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