few of your all time favourite artists

Year 2014 has been one of the most exciting year in the music industry with rising singers from all over the world. Highlighting legends to artist we might have never heard of before is indeed a one of a kind adventure.
For instance Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake it Off’ and ‘Blank Space’ that totally became successful with up to 200 million views on YouTube, you could say she is hot popular.
There are singers that have undergone a 360 degree change in style and personality this year too, and most probably the first to come to your mind is Miley Cyrus. Who knew a demure and sweet girl from our childhood show ‘Hannah Montanna’ starting from songs like ‘The Climb’ have literally climbed to become one of the hottest and mind blowing artist. Twerking started trending and without doubt ‘Wrecking Ball’ was successful.

In the spotlight also include several artist that we absolutely love and I am going to share a few of mine. ( disclaimer: personal opinion only)

1) Ed Sheeran

20141213-123441.jpg         20141213-123452.jpg

He writes songs that I can totally relate to and that’s probably one reason I like his songs the most. “All of this stars” from The fault in Our Stars, is truly one beautiful song and I would just add if you are ever having negative thoughts do listen to it. “Photographs” is another personal favourite. Ed Sheeran has an amzing and unique voice and he is one cool artist.

2) Nicki Minaj

20141213-124516.jpg        20141213-124544.jpg

Don’t you agree she has the funniest facial expressions? Nicki Minaj is a synonym for swag. She may be super wild and weird in her songs (ANACONDA) but how many artist can pull it off! Her song Anaconda indeed raise much attention with half of the music video filled with shaking butts scenes but no doubt that she has a unique style.

3) Pharrell Williams


The artist that got the world dancing to “Happy”, one of the charts-hitting songs of 2014. As a songwriter,rapper, producer and fashion designer, he is one the most talented ever. Many singles he have are honestly so good and his entire career more or less changed quite a bit after releasing the song “Happy”. “Blurred Lines”, another famous and upbeat song.

5) Lana Del Ray

download (12)        images (24)

Lana Del Ray is hot gorgeous. Every album she has makes people fall in love with her all over again despite all the stories and rumours about her. She was made a figure of interest and among these criticisms, her popularity soared. Lana Del Ray’s voice is power. If you would like to please listen to “Young and Beautiful”, “Summertime Sadness”, VIdeo Games”

6)Britney Spears

images (25)     download (14)

All time legend Britney Spears! Starting her journey as an artist from joining X factor, she has now became so very popular all over the world. She never fails to entertain us with her her gigs on shows and her song albums. The non-single “Get Naked (I Got a Plan)” is so worth going crazy over which is the best example of post-innocence Britney to date. Even her singles from ages ago such as “Oops I did it again” is still as amazing. Some people have raised up that she look much hotter in the past but dont you agree she still look as stunning now?

7) Miley Cyrus


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