so I got back my exam scripts today and I was feelingr rather moody and discouraged. after all those studying and effort, I wouldn’t say they all gone to waste but i really am sad that I didn’t do as well as I could.
English: B3 not too bad I guess but I was counting on it for an A like UGHHH
Chinese: B3 okok this one is alright I honestly thought I would fail but 😅😅
Emath: C5, improvement from the fail last time BUT EVERYONE GOT As SO DONE I SWEAR.
amath: don’t even talk about it. as expected I FAIL remedial next year me yeo scolding next year after tuition still not helping probably gonna get scolded so badly FUCK
biology: I PASS with a C6 zzzz. considering I didn’t pass mye it’s an achievement but everyone fucking got A. mrs ngin was like: “your effort paid off!!””woohoo!!” 🙂 “don’t be complacent ya” WHAT IS THERE TO BE COMPLACENT MAN. I fucking got a 52/100 just passed HAHAHAHA.
physics: i didn’t get as high as expected ))))): i was expecting an A because physics is my best?? But no. I got a B4 not even a B3
chemistry: the only good one HA HA HA. i got an A!! least expected but omg. how is it that the one I always think I will fail will end up doing well for it but the one I thought was find turned out very bad.
I calculated my L1r5 as got a shock of my life. It was worse than my term 3 results of 23 and I am just like so done ha ha ha.


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