being happy is not hard

what is being happy like; how do we find happiness; why am I never happy
or will happy ever exist in my life where everything is coming at you like a sword, waiting for you to get to your lowest. people hold doubts on how happy we can be. but happiness is not that hard. It will come to those who earn it and treasure it.
we often associate happiness with ignorance bliss peace gratitude and coming from there we will eventually find happiness.

everyone feels unhappy once in awhile, and it’s perfectly normal but we need to constantly remind ourselves of the things we have and to be grateful for in life šŸ™‚

we are surrounded by people we love and this is one reason for us to be happy. What’s more important than receiving the shower of love from family knowing they always have your back when you need. They treasure you and you should treasure them too.

Another thing I would like to advocate is gratitude. It has shown that people who are grateful for their things tend to be contented easily and be happy! The next time your friend gives you a hug appreciate it and make them feel loved too. Most of all, don’t take anything in life for granted because nothing stays the same. Venture on your search of happiness and I wish you all the very best love you


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