awkward or no (ways to know you are a little socially awkward)

alright this topic is gonna be kind of awkward because I am going to talk about awkward situations HAHAGA ok serious business

no 1) you always have that urge to take your phone out and keep it with you
24/7 bc it it apparently save you from awkward situations many times…..sometimes you might just find yourself flipping through the same Instagram feed or tumblr gifs just to look busy ooops

no 2) you can’t look into the person’s eyes when you talk because you feel a little weird

no 3) you try to get more people to join your lunches or breaks bc afterall the more the merrier (or less awkwardier)

no 4) you had experience awkward silence when you try asking questions to start a conversation but end up just looking weird and strange

no5) people mistake you as rude or antisocial just because you are not talking when all you wanted was actually just personal space

no 6) you suddenly have many friends around you and you are sort of like the ‘middle duck’ so you try to keep everyone involved but end up making it more awkward

no7) you have grew a “phobia” towards interacting with others afraid that they think you are awkward
personal experience ding: i went out my friend only both of us and i admit it was a little awkward bc we didn’t know what to talk about. and guess what she stop talking to me for nearly a year bc she thought I was angry at her. gosh.
there is such a thing for social phobia

no 8) you try to make yourself socially less awkward through cracking jokes and being more entertaining?
watch YouTube videos and search etc.

no9) you enjoy time spent alone more than anything else. what is wrong with that tbh.

no 10) socializing is a god damn chore to you.

hope you share the same sentiments as me if you do pls follow my blog! ๐Ÿ™‚
NOT ALL SILENCES ARE AWKARD THOUGH those that you feel comfortable in are usually with people that mean a lot to you ๐Ÿ™‚
have a good day
xshyan xx


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