say what you wanna say

why let people who dont matter in your life bother you? Is their presence even a burden or blessing to you?
Of course, we ask ourselves these questions occasionally but the problem with us humans is that more often we tend to dream for more in our lives. To be popular. To be rich.
There is no problem with having a desire to achieve greater heights or crave for more attention. But the question here is why not be grateful for what u have first?
Most of us have our loves ones by our side, showering us with their 101% love and care. They are the ones who see us through our ups and downs or clear the aftermath after a guy dumped you or if u got horrible grades. However, we tend to take these for granted and gradually take it as a ‘ought to’. I myself is guilty of these.
What we always try to dream of in our lives sadly, is to get popular people to notice us, to be part of their gang, to hang out with them so that we can be labelled as cool or fabulous. We suck up to them through social media, get them expensive Kate Spade gifts or whatever.
And then. We get disappointed if they dont appreciate it. We start to wonder if we are really not worth it to be cool and that we are useless.
But why? Is really getting to be popular a important thing?
It might get you famous, make you look like a goddess but ultimately who is the one that matters.
These so called friends would not be the one that stand next to your deathbed when you are saying your last words?
My point now is that do whatever makes you happy and not popular. Popularity does not last but happiness do. Appreciate the ones around you and treat them well. Shun all thought of ‘why am i not popular’ 🙂
Be yourself and not what people want you to be


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