nobody understands

After hearing the above statement, you might say the cliche things like
“there is always somebody in the world who is there for you”
“you will never be alone”
Yes that’s true occasionally, usually, but have you ever had days or maybe a phase in your life or maybe even three quarters of your life having those thoughts?? Everything is in a turmoil and you feel like you have no one in this vast world of earthlings…..
Now this.
“You are not alone”
Everyone one, including those who smile and seem like the happiest people would face this. This is considered negative, but it is inevitable.
It’s alright to be sad but the main point is how you overcome them eventually. HOW YOU CLEAR THE MESS OR PICK YOURSLEF UP FROM THE MESS.
Every night i have countless thoughts about any little thing: body size, weight, not being good enough in studies, friendships, how i couldnt be that popular girl, why am i not perfect like her, why isnt my mum more understanding, why dont people just understand that i am really tired of all this bullshit
but hey c’mon you is what matters. How other people are cool or pretty doesnt mean you are less bad. Your inner beauty WILL shine one day.
Keep all of them away and trust me you are not alone in this battle! even ‘forever-alones” can be not alone when they come together HAHA
when life gives you lemons make apple juice when life gives you obstacles build a bridge and get over it!!!



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