u just flipped through all your social media apps and everyone seems so fake and superficial. They were like saying how much they hated each other etc. and bam now they are like
“i miss you so much babe”
“i love you from eternity to beyond”
“you’re a blessing in my life i love you so much”
what fuck seriously.
and my friend idek understand nowadays anymore. She is on fitspo mode and running all day everyday and changed A LOT. it could be for the better but what i cant really stand is how she tries to act all cool and act nice when deep inside its all not real.
it could be i am being petty but pls pls bless her not to be so annoying anymore.
oh well but postive stuff do come by so i urge all of you if anyone or anything makes you feel terrible, remember there is always someone out there who cares. Chin up and conquer dem all 🙂


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